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We tackle any lifting challenge and have a range of solutions for a number of applications.

  • Vacuum Lifters
  • Height Safety Equipment
  • Examination & Certification
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    Everything Else

    Elite Cranes has the knowledge and experience to create bespoke lifting equipment.

    Height Safety Equipment

    Vacuum Lifters

    Safe lifting of glass, sheet metal & other materials.

    Examination, Testing & Certification

    We can examine and certify your equipment for safety and reliability.

    Height Safety Equipment

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    Vacuum Lifters

    Vacuum lifters are used for a range of applications that require the safe and efficient lifting of large sheets of material.

    We offer crane mounted & Forklift attachment units that are suitable for handling steel plates, glass, aluminium and other materials in the horizontal or vertical position.

    Options include full 180-degree rotation and integrated crane controls.

    Examination, Testing & Certification

    We offer a comprehensive lifting equipment examination and testing service.

    The lifting equipment can be examined at our in-house testing area or on-site at your location.

    The law regarding the manufacture, safe use, maintenance, inspection and testing of lifting equipment varies from country to country, but in most regulatory regimes there is a requirement for –
    • Periodic examination of lifting equipment; and
    • Proof load testing of lifting equipment before first use.

    Elite Cranes UK provides full certification following every examination or load test in accordance with LOLER, PUWER, ISO/IEC 17020, ASME B30.9, The supply of Machinery (safety, Amendment) Regulations 1994 and the EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

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