Loose Lifting Equipment

Whatever you need to complete your lifting setup, we can supply it.

  • Clamps
  • Plates
  • Slings
  • Safety-Critical Components
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    Loose Lifting Equipment

    We supply the following loose lifting equipment items:

    Fibre Lifting Slings (Round/Web Slings)

    Multi-purpose slings for lifting heavy items.

    Chain Slings & Components

    Chain slings and accessories for heavy-duty lifting.

    Lifting Clamps

    Lifting clamps for secure hoisting.

    Lifting Plates

    Lifting plates for any application.

    Lifting Magnets

    Purpose-built lifting magnets for metal moving.

    Crane Scales

    Precision scales for measuring your loads.

    Safety Harnesses

    Safety harnesses for any application.

    Forklift Attachments

    Complete flexibility with custom forklift lifting attachments.

    Custom Solutions

    We can build custom equipment for any lifting job.

    If you require a specific piece of loose lifting equipment – Contact us: sales@elitecranesuk.com

    About Elite Cranes

    Elite Cranes UK Limited are Overhead Crane Specialists with branches in the North West & North East of England.

    We have over 65 combined years of experience, offering a professional service to clients within the lifting equipment industry.

    From our Office and production facility in the United Kingdom we manufacture an extensive product range of overhead cranes, underslung cranes, portal cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and can supply wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, crane components and other material handling products.

    Elite Cranes UK focus on excellence and offer a great standard of service at competitive prices and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

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